Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't Forget the Milk

"Hi. I am Another Aspiring Author," she wrote typing slowly. She stared off into space for several long minutes. "I have nothing to say except it is Monday, March 10, 2008." She clears her throat loudly. "Ahem. Milk, bread, macaroni and cheese, dishwashing liquid, 100-watt light bulbs, lemon heads, mint chocolate chip ice cream......."

You ever get the feeling your characters are doing nothing more than reading off a metaphoric grocery list of items you want them to say without any real action behind it? That's pretty much where I am now with my book. They walk, they talk, they nod, they shrug, etc but I'm not sure if it's just words or actual story progression. I'm writing through this feeling because who am I to quibble with progression of any sort? I had typed the sentence "I'm still only writing a handful of words at a time" but after re-reading it realized that's not the mindset I need to be in. Rather, I should say "I am still writing" period. Exclamation point! (Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the slight nod to The Golden Girls) I'm actually right on the verge of an upcoming scene that should be not only creepy but a turning point for my characters. I'm excited about it and can't wait to see how it turns out.

On a side note, I just remembered I also need toilet paper and Twizzlers.


a cat of impossible colour said...

Heh :) I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel that all I'm doing is moving my characters around. "She went over to the window, she turned around, she stood in the middle of the carpet for a while and then took a step forward before realising that she should be in the kitchen" etc etc.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hello :) How's the writing going?

Tessa Dare said...

Yes, how's it going?

I do know what you mean about incorporating the action and dialog. I have a tendency to overcompensate, and then I have to go back and delete a lot of shrugging and fist-pounding and whatnot.

Another Aspiring Author said...

I haven't written in some time, but I'm not dispairing about it as I usually would. Have some life issues going on at the moment that will soon resolve (fingers crossed).

Are you counting down the days until your book is released yet? Does it still feel like a dream?